Science Spotlight: Prof. Martin Rees

It’s time for Science Spotlight. Each week we talk about the fun facts and big breakthroughs made in the pursuit of scientific knowledge.

This week, we are shining a spotlight on an individual rather than a particular topic. Professor Martin Rees is one of the United Kingdom’s most decorated astronomers. Throughout his long career Prof. Rees has studied alongside Stephen Hawking,k written a number of books and research papers, was the Master of Trinity College at Cambridge, served as the President of both the British Royal Society and Royal Astronomical Society. He currently serves as the Astronomer Royal of the United Kingdom, a position he has served since 1995. Cameron sat down recently with Prof. Rees to chat about his career in astronomy for his podcast Stardust MQ. Here is Science Spotlight for this week.

To listen to the full conversation head to Cameron’s podcast Stardust MQ. To check out Prof. Rees’s latest book, head over to Harvard University Press.

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