Science Spotlight: The Future of Human Space Exploration

It’s time for Science Spotlight. Each week we talk about the fun facts and big breakthroughs made in the pursuit of scientific knowledge.


This week we continue with Cameron’s conversation with Prof. Martin Rees. Prof. Rees is a distinguished and decorated astronomer. Currently, he is the Astronomer Royal of the United Kingdom, but has held positions such as the President of the Royal Society, President of the Royal Astronomical Society, and Master of Trinity College. He has also written many books over his career, and in his latest publication he examines the future of human space exploration; and whether or not human astronauts are a part of it. Cameron spoke about the topic of his new book in the second-half of his conversation with Prof. Rees on his podcast Stardust MQ.

To check out Prof. Rees’ book The End of Astronauts, head to Harvard University Press.

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