Sex Clown Saves The World ( Again + Aus Tour)

Betty Grumble sure knows how to start a riot and is continuing to drive womanhood and sex positivity to the max with Sex Clown Saves The World.

Performance artist and sex clown Betty Grumble spoke to Sophie about constructing her stage persona, physicalizing eco-sexuality and her Aussie influences.

Sex Clown Saves The World, The Bearded Tit, Redfern, 7- 8:30pm 

* We shall be operating on a PAY WHAT YOU FEEL scheme. Meaning, there are no tickets, first in, first seated – or standing. At the ‘end’ we shall pass a bucket around for you to drop whatever coin you can afford to help cover costs. If you can’t drop anything, that’s groovy too. Beings tend to pay it forward.

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