Shady Nasty’s Big Flex

After running amok on the streets of Sydney and knocking about clangorous riffs. Punk fueled noisemakers Shady Nasty took a deep breath, stepped back and re-evaluated themselves.

The digital natives were tired of the traditional approach to underground rock, and weren’t quite sure where they sat within the Sydney music community.
More importantly they eager to shake any reputation or preconceptions they might of gained for themselves.
Reflecting on the music of their younger days, and the EDM (counter) culture, the group re-emerged with a new vision in mind.

One that was driven by the irony and excess of the ‘influencer’ culture and financial clout.
The result was the CLUBSMOKE EP.

Four tracks which saw the outfit dose their aesthetic with an injection of electronica alongside contemporary hip-hop. Stripping back the dissonant guitars  and howling vocals they were once known for to create a somewhat unsettling and eerie atmosphere.
Effectively tweaking the term ‘post-punk’ to something that is undefinable, and blurring the line between artistic and materialistic.
With the EP being launched next week at the OXFORD ART FACTORY, guitarist/vocalist Kevin and drummer Luca join us on The Band Next Door on 2SER to take us through their early time as a band, the unimportance of being in a ‘scene’ and their approach to this record.

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