Do shark nets save lives?

Shark nets – cruel killers or life-savers?

A shark is a natural part of the ocean.

Each summer, millions of Australians go to the beach to swim, surf and cool off. But, every time they swim they are at risk of coming face to face with one of the oceans most terrifying apex predators.

The shark.

So how are we being protected as we swim, surf and splash about?

Shark nets are one of the most popular methods used by the New South Wales government to prevent swimmers being attacked by Great Whites.

But how effective are these nets?

And are there better alternative technologies?

How are other countries preventing shark attacks?


Advances in technology have provided a number of new ways to deter large predators.

As a result, drones are now being used to scan the ocean and alert people to potential danger.

In addition, science has also revealed a number of solutions to prevent shark attacks.

Consequently the behaviour of these apex predators and the colours and smells that deter them, can be used to make swimmers and surfers safe.

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