Shebah the Female Friendly Rideshare Startup

Ride sharing services have been on the rise in popularity such as Lyft and Uber but there isn’t a service that is female friendly. With sexual assault being common with ride services, women do not feel safe when they get an Uber late at night, however ride sharing services are meant be a safer alternative. Shebah is an Australian based ride sharing service that only has female drivers and passengers. Within the first few months, the Shebah app has been downloaded 12,000 times and 1,400 and has over 370 active drivers. Shebah is also active is mainly in Queensland and Victoria but also Sydney. To discuss this startup CEO and founder of Shebah, Georgina McEncroe joined The Daily.

If any of the content discussed in the interview has caused any distress please feel free to contact Lifeline on 13 11 14. 

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