She’s Known As The Tinder Tutor

How hard can tinder be? Don’t you just upload a picture then swipe left or right? Yes, on the surface it may sound simple, but finding the right match has become so complex that many are resorting to tinder tutors.  Caroline is known as a Tinder life coach among Chinese international students in Sydney. But it’s not just Tinder where people require a little extra mentoring! She also helps Australian students navigate the Chinese dating app Tan Tan, which has exploded in popularity recently. 

Stay tuned in the coming weeks for our exclusive interview with the self proclaimed Tinder coach. Caroline tells us how she scored the title of “Tinder Life Coach”, what exactly that entails, and also divulges some hilarious cringe-inducing moments throughout her “Tinder Life Coach” tenure.

It’s an interview you’ll most definitely want to bring out the popcorn for– it’s that juicy.

So when will this laugh-out-loud interview drop?

Well, you’ll just have to keep listening to Wednesday Drive  to find out..




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