It’s a Gay Area

Well, hello there. Looks like you’ve found yourself in a pretty gay area. Do you require a heavy dose of LGBTQI+ content injected directly into your bloodstream immediately? Do you like listening to unhinged people screaming at their own jokes for 30 minutes every Friday night? Here at It’s A Gay Area, we got just the thing for you. Patrick and Ruby are now here and they are your friends.

Patrick Clancy is a local Sydney gay who thrives off attention and gay energy. He also has a Taurus sun AND moon but his ascendant is Gemini. So WATCH out. Ruby Innes is beautiful and also your friend. She is also known as Ruby 'Beautiful Friend’ Innes. She is consistently stopped in the street, only to be told, ‘wow, you are beautiful and also my friend.’ Ruby 'Beautiful Friend’ Innes is a friend to all, and also beautiful to all.

Tune in Fridays from 7:30-8PM to have a gay ol’ time with your new best friends who are especially beautiful.

You can also follow Patrick (@dumbpad) and Ruby (@rubyinnes) on Twitter for more hot juicy LGBTQI+ content or if you’re just feeling nasty!