Phantom Dancer

One of 2SER's longest running programs, The Phantom Dancer is a treasure trove of swing, jazz & dance from live 1920s-60s Radio & TV. Greg Poppleton has brought this multi-award-winning show to you since 1985.

Poppleton is Australia's only authentic 1920s and 1930s dance band singer. His band albums have more than 1 Million YouTube plays. Band website.

Greg Poppleton is a film and TV actor with Benchmark and a voiceover artist for MCA.Hear the latest Phantom Dancer shows below, with playlists and a weekly insight into a selected swing jazz artist.

Check out the last four weeks of shows below:

Tuesdays at 12pm
  • Greg Poppleton


Phantom Dancer :: 12:00pm 7th Aug 2018

When you hear a woman pop singer in any genre singing 'naturally' today, blame 1930s big band singer, Helen Ward. She blazed the trail. You'll hear a Helen Ward set of live 1930s-40s broadcasts on this week's Phantom Dancer with 1920s-30s singer, Greg Poppleton. We'll also visit the Cocoanut Grove 1932-34, whittle to Hank Williams on 1952 Hillbilly radio, listen to some of Duke Ellington's extended works on his 'Date with the Duke' 1945 radio series and then enjoy the Helen Ward feature. Read the Helen Ward story, see the play list and video, and hear the latest Phantom Dancer mixes here... Read More

Phantom Dancer :: 12:00pm 31st Jul 2018

Known as 'The Home of Happy Feet' and 'The World's Finest Ballroom', the Savoy in New York City hosted the greatest swing bands and Lindy Hoppers of the 1930s, 40s and 50s. We'll hear four great swing bands broadcasting from the Savoy 1937-45 on today's Phantom Dancer hosted by 1920s-30s singer Greg Poppleton. Plus sets of live swing and jazz by Charlie Barnet, Xavier Cugat, Turk Murphy and more. See the full play list, read the Savoy story, enjoy the Lindy Hop video and hear the Phantom Dancer online here. Read More

Phantom Dancer :: 12:00pm 24th Jul 2018

Bored by playing the same music every night in orchestras, Spike Jones combined parodying pop songs with trick percussion he learned as a teenager to create one of the most spectacular music acts ever, Spike Jones and his City Slickers. Hear Spike Jones send up Verdi live on this week's Phantom Dancer non-stop swing jazz radio mixtape with Greg Poppleton. Links, story, play list and video here. Read More