The New Style

A show exploring the evolution of hip-hop from the classics to the present day. The Wicked Bandit brings you new, emerging artists and styles of hip-hop from right here in Sydney to all the corners of the globe, and draw the lines from the old hits to the tracks coming out today. Whether it’s a b-side remix of a Biz Markie tune or an up-and-coming artist from Western Sydney, you can expect to hear it all on The New Style.

The Wicked Bandit has been presenting hip-hop radio for almost six years, having created The Cut on Eastside Radio. Over the last two years The Cut was also heard on over 20 community radio stations around the country. She also works at the Community Broadcasting Association of Australia’s Community Radio Network, where she helps get great radio to hundreds of community radio stations across the country. In her down time, you can find The Wicked Bandit spinning vinyl with the Queen Bee Collective, a gender diverse vinyl-only DJ crew, and helping out with Sydney’s first female built sound system, the Honey Trap Sound System.

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Fridays at 8pm
  • The Wicked Bandit