When the Levee Breaks

Get ready to enjoy the vinyl-only, cratediggers' delights of When The Levee Breaks! 

Each week explore the lost, the obscure and all the delightful genres in-between with co-presenters Pete, EO, Del Piero, Boo Boo Muck and Modman.

From Latin Rhythms to the Devils Blues;

Cinematic Jazz and Go Go Thrills;

Swamp Rock, Acid Rock;

Northern and Southern Soul;

Funk to Punk;

Even New Wave to Blow Wave!

Before co-hosting When The Levee Breaks, for 13 years Peter Pasqual was one of the core presenters of the 90s-2000s era Back To Funk radio show – a musical legacy for 2SER Sydney broadcast.

Other show co-hosts EO, Del Piero, Boo Boo Muck and Modman are collectors and deejays of specific genres of music on vinyl, who enjoy the curation and sharing of their own collections with listeners each week.

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Check out the last four weeks of shows below:

Saturday 6pm
  • Peter Pasqual, Erica Olson (EO), del Piero, Boo Boo Muck, Nick Potts (Modman)