Wide Open Air Exchange

A program for lifelong learners seeking to expand their general knowledge, the Wide Open Air Exchange is a place to meet people with fascinating vocations, interesting expertise and special interests.

Hosted by Christine Gallagher.

Broadcasting on 2SER each Monday at 630pm AEST and available to subscribe by podcast.

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Email: wideopenairexchange@gmail.com 


Social enterprise founder, Yvonne Kelly

On World Refugee Day, we hear about a social enterprise that is connecting refugees and new migrants with career coaches and mentors. Yvonne Kelly is a recruitment specialist and careers coach with 25 years experience who founded a social enterprise called Glow Up Careers that trains corporate coaches and mentors to help nurture diverse talent. Read More

Media presenter and writer James Jennings

A conversation with film and music journalist James Jennings about encounters with the creative people he's interviewed over the years. James is a host of The Australian Ghost Whisperer podcast and you'll hear some of his experiences with the supernatural and paranormal. Read More