Adult Educator Adam Nobilia

An introduction to some of the principles of adult education and adult learning. Adam Nobilia is an adult educator who has worked across various settings including at Long Bay prison working with inmates and more publicly as a teacher on the SBS television series, Lost For Words.  Read More

East German progressive rock of the Honecker era

Musicologist Padraig Parkhurst is a doctoral researcher studying East German progressive rock (Ostrock) and other popular music of the early Honecker era. This conversation incudes a discussion of anti nuclear war songs of the Honecker era and Padraig’s general interest in the localisation of progressive rock in different locations (with reference to Italy, Spain, Chile, UK). Read More

Post-referendum discussion with Peta MacGillivray

Peta MacGillivray is an Aboriginal justice advocate, a Kalkutungu woman, lawyer and doctoral researcher with strong connections to community. Australia’s referendum to vote on Constitutional recognition of First Peoples is part of much a longer decades-long history of advocacy for self-determination. While this conversation is largely a post-referendum discussion, it is with an understanding that the referendum moment was not the beginning nor the end of the work that needs to be done. Read More

River Health Specialist, Sarah Holland-Clift

A discussion of Natural Resource Management with Sarah Holland-Clift. This conversation includes a focus on the importance of Aboriginal leadership in waterway management and the role of citizen science in monitoring the health of rivers. Read More