Sideways Through Sound Final Episode – Listen Back

Listen back to Thee Sonic Assassin’s last ride on 2SER – the final episode of Sideways Through Sound, broadcast on May 4 2022.

We asked Thee Sonic Assassin to reflect on his time making the program.

From international guest stars to live performances and bespoke CD releases sealed in wax. Is there a particular highlight that stands out to you from the show’s journey? 

Celebrating 5 years of Sideways Through Sound at Brighton Up Bar was a buzz.  It was originally just gonna be a free gig with me DJing but then someone (no doubt probably me) suggested broadcasting the whole thing live, for 4 hours ! Thanks to Sister Jane, Psychlops Eyepatch and Devotional for playing , Brighton Up Bar for the room and the Coffee Patron and to Anthony and Richard from 2SER for the boxes and wires magic.

Some people say we should never interview our heroes. Have you interviewed a musical hero and did they live up to your expectations?  [Yep I realise this collides a bit with the previous question]

I don’t have ‘heroes’ and don’t do ‘star-struck’ … you’re either a good head and we are able to connect or not , but honestly in the last 15 years of meeting people who make music I love I’ve never been disappointed.  The only time I had an Oh Shit kinda moment was when I dialled the number I was given and the next words I spoke were ‘Hi, it’s Mark from 2ser in Sydney, can I speak to Roky please’

Some of our listeners/readers may not realise that this has been a volunteer gig for you – what’s the secret to staying keen and putting out such brilliant and consistent programs for 15 years (which must be about 750 shows?!). 

Obsession/ Passion. My deeper than deep relationship with music started a very, very long time ago (I had a moment of awakening in September 1978 with Public Image by Public Image Ltd on my radio – true story) and Sideways has been the latest (and in many ways most rewarding) chapter of engagement with the rhythm of life. I’m not interested in nostalgia and the ever increasing amount of and access to new music continues to feed my relentless appetite for new sounds.

I’ve always wanted to put this to you – if you could assemble a dream band (let’s say a five-piece) – which musos get through the audition and take the stage? 

Well, as Do-Re-Mi is probably the sonic template for all things Sideways Through Sound – where folky acoustic guitar picking merges seamlessly with blistering space rock – then the answer to your question is easy – Hawkwind 1972/73

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