‘So Bad it’s Good’ as a Music Marketing Tactic

Every so often, a song or a movie will find commercial success for being so bad, it’s good. In classic examples like Rebecca Black’s Friday and Tommy Wiseau’s The Room, the creators were blissfully ignorant before they put their work out into the world, only for it to get brutally shut down. Despite this, both Tommy Wiseau and Rebecca Black have found huge commercial success, which begs the question, could an artist make something so purposefully terrible that it launches a successful career? That might be exactly what Oxford University student Sarah Brand is doing with her track, Red Dress.  This track has received a lot of hate on YouTube, but it’s also led to theories that Sarah purposefully performed the song poorly to gain traction, or even as an experiment for her sociology degree. But is this actually a good music promotion tactic? Are there fanbases who actually consume poorly performed music?

Macquarie University music lecturer, Adrian Renzo joined us earlier.

Check out Sarah Brand’s Red Dress below:

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