So Hot This Week _SAT: 05- FRI: 11

Club Mince 2019

Kick off the weekend with the dark and twisted club sounds of ptwiggs and Judaah (Brothers from Different Mothers).Hosted by The House of Mince at Oxford Hotel in Darlinghurst, expect dense and delicate soundscapes, piercing crashes and high end sampling from some of the very best experimental electronic music Sydney has to offer.
Tickets $15-$25 + bf


Zanny Begg: The Beehive | Sydney Festival

Part of Sydney Festival’s eclectic line up, head on over to UNSW Galleries in Paddington for artist Zanny Begg’s ‘The Beehive’. Assembled by randomising software lasting up to 33 minutes, this innovative fiction and documentary video installation is weaving an unexpected mix of themes: cold case true crime, gentrification and corruption. It follows the curious 1975 disappearance of the crusading journalist, heiress and anti-development campaigner, Juanita Nielsen.
This FREE event is a must-see.


The Laugh TUB #3

Need a cool one after the weekend? Well, The laugh TUB#3 will be giving you a royal soaking of laughter, 7 pm at Wayward Brewery in Camperdown. Hosted by the hilarious Juliet Timmerman, check out Sydney’s infamous interview panel comedy show with fellow comics Alexander Richmond, Theo Murray, Tom Waddell and Belinda Anderson-Hunt.


Nosferatu: A Fractured Symphony

Dismantling one of the most iconic films of the silent era, the Old 505’s season of ‘Nosferatu: A Fractured Symphony’ will be flipping everyone’s favourite Dracula on its head. Expect horror violence, strobe lighting and nudity in this absurdist modern retelling that sees Nosferatu playing the 1% (or more specifically) a spoiled aristocrat and sexual pervert who buys investment property from overseas. What’s not to love!
$30- $40 + bf


January Exhibitions at Firstdraft

Firstdraft kick off January with their first round of shows. There will be artist talks from 6-8pm on opening night by Andrew Christie (Gallery 1: ‘Dear Sincere Friend’ ) Kai Wasikowski (Gallery 2: Climb, grip, hold) and Meghan Kennedy (Gallery 3: Colorbond, plywood, dust) and Jesse Rye (Gallery 4: Uncanny Body).


Masters of Modern Sound | Sydney Festival

Expect nothing less than dark sonic bliss at the Art Gallery of NSW. For three nights only, (Thursday, Jan 10 – Saturday Jan 12) immerse yourself in the experimental styling of leading Australian and international composers, sound designers and musicians dedicated to the power of sound. Includes the experimental electronic work of Italian minimalist, Caterina Barbieri, sound design from longtime David Lynch collaborator Dean Thurly, ambient music of William Basinski & Lawrence English, electronic Western Sydney Maximalist Del Lumanta and more.
$60- $65  | $55 member + bf (ticket includes entry to #modernmasters)


Athletica 001 – warm up/get down

It’s time to get SWEATY. Hosted by Isa, crawl down into the depths of Tokyo Sing song for a night of club music. There will be sets by up-and-comer DJs and more experienced vets (Chanel.Deejay, Isa, Kilimi, Sandro Dallarmi, Sortagoth). It doesn’t matter, they’re all there for one reason: to get your heart racing and body moving.
$10 on the door (no one gets turned away, message if you can’t afford)

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