Sonic Alchemy: Olfactive Artistry and Experimental Perfumery

Sonic Alchemy combines the two worlds of sonic art and perfumery in a pursuit to create truly unique perfume. Sonic Alchemy represents experimentation and the creation of wearable olfactory art.

Bryce spoke to creator Clancy Baxter, about his journey to becoming an olfactive artist and his unique music performances that combine sound and scent. Sonic Alchemy have their first scent and sound performance on the 28th of October at the 107 Project in Redfern. For those who haven’t heard of these performances before, they aim to bring the art of perfume and music together in one space by showcasing a narrative journey between the senses.

“Perfume is one of the few things on Earth that is purely formless & ephemeral yet entirely dependant on being created by hand. Perfume is an art that chases, manipulates and redefines our ideas of what beauty really is. It relies on the death of living things to exist & in that sense connects death and beauty in a way that most people struggle to understand. Perfume is patience and perspective. When I make a perfume I enter a world that’s not only stranger than you suppose, its stranger than you can suppose.” – Sonic Alchemy

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