Spirits Rejoice: A look at spiritual jazz

At a loss for what to listen to with all that sweet, sweet free time over the break?

Andrew Khedoori chatted with Nic about a new show he’s been putting together as a 2SER summer special series.

Spirits Rejoice will look at the rise of spiritual themes in jazz from the 1950s to the 1980s. It’s all about black musicians removing themselves from the traditional confines of jazz, and examining their cultural heritage, focusing on improv and reacting to the civil rights movement in the USA.

Spirits Rejoice is all about the search for the divine: a cosmic communion. It’s a series of music and stories that stretches far and wide from the USA to Japan and all over the world.

The show will run over 8 weeks at 5pm on Saturdays and repeated at 7pm on Tuesdays (so you get two bites of that spiritual cosmic cherry).

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