Star Wars: Identities Exhibition at the Powerhouse

Since launching in 2012 in Canada, the world’s largest exhibition of Star Wars props, art and memorabilia has toured the world, giving fans a chance to forge their own Star Wars character as they wander among the artifacts from the iconic movies. This November, it launches in Sydney through the Museum of Applied Arts and Sciences’ Powerhouse, its first ever appearance in Australia. As you wander around the exhibition, you’ll be asked questions about who you would be as a Star Wars character, finding out how you can be part of the iconic universe over 50 years since the blockade runner first crossed cinema screens.

Jess spoke with Damian McDonald from the Museum of Applied Arts and Sciences about how you can get involved and what to expect as this event launches on the 16th of November. The event runs until June next year, you can find more about the event on the Museum of Applied Arts and Sciences website.

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