Staying In The Pocket With Skunkhour

You can’t talk about funk music in Australia without talking Skunkhour.

Formed in Sydney way back in 1991, they put out 4 excellent albums over the decade, took a break in 2001, reuniting in 2009 and playing shows since, with calls from fans to create new material going unanswered until now.

On tour in support of their new four track EP Parts of the Sun, Skunkhour will be hitting the Metro Theatre in Sydney on Saturday 15 Oct 2022. Dean Sutherland from Skunkhour joins 2SER Breakfast to chat about how they’ve managed to stay in the pocket for more than 30 years.

For more Skunkhour, check out the chat between singer Aya Larkin and 2SER’s Paris Groovescooter.

Tuesday 4th of October, 2022

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