Steve Kilbey In Conversation

A flashback to May 6th 2014 when 2SER and Groovescooter presented The CHURCH‘s illustrious high priest and serial collaborator, STEVE KILBEY In Conversation at Mojo Record Bar in the city. Recorded before a live audience, Steve opens up with Paris Pompor about everything from those early formative days in Canberra to his most recent work. From tales of an early crusade back to London (and his birthplace England in an effort to see The Doctors of Madness and a still-Glam Japan with Mick Karn, David Sylvian and their all-female crew), as well as spirituality and esoterica, the mysteries of song writing and lyric crafting and much more. Candid, funny and always entertaining, listen to the full interview below and look out for more In Conversation flashbacks as 2SER celebrates its 40th Birthday in 2019.


Monday 6th of May, 2019

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