Stickybeak: How Much Do You Know About Macquarie University?

Macquarie University is filled with students, eager to further their education. But how much do they know about their incredible campus? Two radio students, Matt Downham and Henry Lewis, set themselves a challenge. Find the most interesting thing they could on campus in 30 minutes. As Macquarie students are so committed to their studies, many only know the locations of their classrooms, but Matt and Henry looked to go beyond that and find some underappreciated gems. After meeting in the central courtyard, they split up and set off. Both had some tactics in order to try and get a leg up on the other, but in the end, both managed to find some very cool stuff. Matt found a map and went east, searching for, as he put it, “Frank the 3-metre-tall bear?”. Henry headed west, and with a little help from a friend, found the Macquarie University History Museum. They tried to gain as much information as they could within their time limit, with some help from the lovely staff, Josephine and Libby, before shooting off to meet up at Ubar for a beer. Listen in to see what they found, and come check out the campus for yourself.

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