Stranger Things: A Nostalgia Trip Into 80’s Horror

Stranger Things. Just binge watch it. It’s a netflix series set in the 80’s that follows the mysterious disappearance of a boy, the appearance of a telekinetic girl and the police investigation that ensues. It’s a dark and twisted story reminicient of classic spielberg and 80’s buddy adventure films like The Goonies and Stand by Me. Stephen King tweeted – unironically referring to himself in the third person – that watching Stranger Things is like watching “Steve King’s greatest hits.” Dr. Mark Steven is a Research Fellow out of UNSW’s Centre for Modernism Studies in Australia and he’s invested a lot of time into analysing how Stranger Things roots itself in the 80’s. He joined with us in the studio to discuss by 80’s horror keeps us crawling back.

You can check out his analysis at The Conversation.

Produced by Liam Cormican 

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