Street Harassment: How is it Still Happening?

According to research conducted by University of Melbourne criminology lecturer, Dr Bianca Fileborn, and PhD Candidate, Sophie Hindes, street harassment against women and minorities is still prevalent today. From cat calling to verbal abuse, harassment is an ever present issue in Australia.

Dr Fileborn and Ms Hindes’ research highlights how individuals view their harassers, who are the typical perpetrators, and how these occurrences affect their mental health. Other reports by the ABC found that one in five women feel more unsafe in public since before the pandemic started in March 2020.

Many organisations within Australia are working on providing support for victims of sexual, racial, homophobic harassment, and ableism.

We spoke with Full Stop Australia CEO, Hayley Foster, to explore why street harassment is still such a big issue.

If this story raises any issues for you, please call the Full Stop hotline on 1800 FULL STOP (1800 385 578).

Image: Image: Port Elizabeth, South Africa Feminist Protest by Shamar Whyte

Produced By: Kate Saap

Featured In Story: Full Stop Australia CEO, Hayley Foster

First aired on The Wire, Monday 6 June 2022

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