Sydney Festival 2020 with the Flying Fruit Fly Circus

As a kid, afternoon television sparked envy through many of us through shows like Dance Academy, Blue Water High and Heartbreak High. While us suckers were squeezing in a little R&R before dinner, homework and unrelenting dread of doing it all again, the kids on said shows were living it up chasing their dreams. This left a particularly bad taste as there seemed to be little-to-no homework between their high-jinks and tomfoolery.

Now imagine you went to an Alternative Highschool where a major focus is doing backflips. Yes, the Flying Fruit Fly Circus is Australia’s national youth circus and the only full-time circus school for young people aged between 8–19 in Australia.

Fruit-flies Tom, Meg, and Art Director Anni came in studio for Thursday drive to discuss balancing (no pun intended) school and circus life, as well as their upcoming shows at Sydney festival 2020.

Have a cheeky-listen for the low down on these performances and the low-down in their extraordinary lives.

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