Sydney Festival GHOST TRAIN Interview

Ghost Train – a virtual reality experience where you can choose your own destination and is created by Australian artists Jasmin Tarasin and Jonnine Standish from the iconic band HTRK. They have re-imagined the traditional carnival ride and also created the soundtrack for Ghost Train.

Regina Botros spoke with Jonnine in this interview.

Take a trip through the inner workings of your mind on a VR-enhanced ghost train that looks nothing like the fright rides of your childhood. Nostalgia meets modernity on a remodelled fairground ride by musician Jonnine Standish (HTRK) and filmmaker Jasmin Tarasin, with a multi-sensory journey that ultimately invites you to choose your own destiny. Will it be purgatory or bliss?

From the moment you step into one of these creaking machines of old, your Samsung Gear VR Headset tells you this will be an experience like never before. Ghost Train sends you trundling on your way on familiar rickety tracks, but the world you enter is far from traditional.

With ethereal imagery, haunting music and a narrative adventure that forces you to choose your own fate, this is a world that asks you to contemplate deeper questions about your own existence while sitting in the capsule of a fairground ride. Step inside for an unforgettable ride.

“I’ve loved ghost trains since I was a kid. Then a couple of years ago I thought about turning one into an immersive art experience. What if Alexander McQueen re-imagined a ghost train as a choose your own adventure? On this ghost train, you take a trip through the rooms of your mind on a journey full of beauty, tension, humour and, of course, fun.” Jonnine Standish

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