Take a Deep Breath Before Choosing Your Puppy

While many people today will be stressing themselves out trying to pick the perfect date or outfit to impress someone they love, those of us lucky enough will be settling in with our canine partners for some easy love.

Despite these furry little creatures providing so much joy to our lives, there’s a worrying trend that is causing serious health problems for some of the most desired breeds of dog.

‘Flat-faced’ dogs such as pugs, bulldogs, Boston Terriers and Cavalier King Charles Spaniels are prone to serious respiratory issues which can lead to a lifetime of suffering for these cute puppies.

Dogs with obstructed airways can suffer from brachycephaly, leading to a painful and sometimes short life. With these breeds heavily desired, some breeders are sacrificing the well-being of these puppies for quick money.

Thursday Drive spoke with Dr Anne Fawcett, who recently published a paper that urged vets to work harder to ensure the safety for the future of these dogs.

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