Temperature’s Rising With Jeff Tweedy

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Jeff Tweedy – WARM
The Public Opinion Afro Orchestra – Naming & Blaming
Palm Springs – Palm Springs & Friends
Foxwarren – Foxwarren
Nick Craft – Minerva
Various Artists – Buried Country
Yowo Music – Work Like That

For many years Wilco’s frontman Jeff Tweedy has become synonymous with the band’s output, but on his debut solo album ‘Warm’ we finally begin to discern the two. Though we’ve previously seen Tweedy stand on his own, this marks the first collection of original, solo material, put together as a companion piece to his memoir ‘Let’s Go (So We Can Get Back)’. Rooted in twangy, alt-country tones, Tweedy plays it both tough and tender here. While waxing philosophical on life, death and heartbreak isn’t new territory, there’s a newfound clear-sightedness which sees Tweedy divulging in his drug addiction, his father’s death and his wife’s battle with cancer.

Yowo Music is a Melbourne based contemporary music program aiming to empower girls and gender non-conforming youth in high school. Through one semester there’s guidance and mentorship from professional female musicians, producers, engineers. ‘Work Like That’ marks the programs’ debut compilation and is plush full of talented teens. It mostly cuts across pop, rock, jazz, soul, but tied together with that universal search for identity and fitting in that often comes during those years.

Plus new singles from Helado Negro, Jess Ribeiro, Rustin Man, Sampa the Great, and Mercury Rev collaborates with Margo Price.

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