Tenacious: Tall ship sailing with a difference

The Jubilee Sailing Trust is providing all people, no matter their abilities, with the opportunity to learn how to sail. Right now, the Tenacious is resting at Sydney Harbour, but on the 11th November it will take off on its voyage to Melbourne, operated and piloted by people with disabilities.

Tenacious is only a 17 year old ship, so it’s quite modern and is about 65 metres long. They cater for all impairments, with the ship being built with facilities on board to make it easier for anyone to be a part of the team. The entire ship is wheelchair accessible including the platforms up the mast and there are aids for the visually impaired, such as  speaking compasses and braille signage to name a few.

They have another ship, Lord Nelson and they both provide a unique environment where disability is not a factor.

Peter Mitchell, Pacific Regional Manager of the Jubilee Sailing Trust joined Nic on the show this morning to chat more about the Jubilee Sailing Trust and their ship Tenacious.


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