The Black Heart Death Cult guest selects for Sideways Through Sound

Sasha Likar (The Black Heart Death Cult) introduces a hand picked selection of music and explains it’s personal importance and influence on the new album Sonic Mantras – in the spotlight on this week’s Sideways Through Sound

The Black Heart Death Cult – Sasha Likar – Spotlight Selections 24-03-2021

  1. The Black Heart Death Cult – Death From Above [Sonic Mantras]
  2. The Cult Of Dom Keller – Nowhere To Land [S/T]
  3. Sacred Trees – Hammsman [S/T]
  4. Goat – Goatlord [World Music]
  5. My Bloody Valentine – Off Your Face [Glider EP]
  6. Dead Vibrations – Reflections [Reflections EP]
  7. Blue Angel Lounge – LSD & The Search For God [S/T]
  8. Astrobrite – Lollipop [Pinkshinyultrablast]
  9. The Black Heart Death Cult – Trees [Sonic Mantras]

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