The Cost of Loving – Episode 1 Dating

If love is often associated with ideas of freedom, spontaneity, and that no money can buy it, it is also true that loving comes at a cost.  In fact, some of the activities relating to loving someone can be quite costly!

Single Australians have been very busy dating last year! Recent research indicates that Australian singles have gone on 3 dates per month last year, meeting 36 new potential partners in one year!!.  3 times more than what was happening in 2017! We have also increased our spending on dating by a factor of 4 since 2017.

It is estimated that Australians have spent about $43 billion on dating!!  On average we have spent just under $400 per month on our dating life, just under $5000 a year.

This episode will tell you how we spend our money on dating.

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