Gender Pay Gap Narrowing, Slowly

We like to think that with each year, we’re slowly cutting down on discrimination between men and women and heading towards a truly equal society. Well, a recent study by the Workplace Gender Equality Agency has  revealed somewhat optimistic news: over the last financial year, the gender pay gap dropped by 1.1% – the largest drop since the study started 5 years ago. The bad news is that the gender pay gap is still at a huge 21.3% – or, in dollar terms, men earning $25,717 a year more than women.

Put simply, we’re heading in the right direction, but at a speed slower than we’d like. To discuss the pay gap between men and women and what businesses can be doing to help reduce it, The Daily’s Julia Carr-Catzel was joined by Associate Professor in Business and Law, at Curtin University – Rebecca Cassells.’


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