The Ghosts of Paris by Tara Moss – Part One

We discuss chapters 1-12 of Tara Moss’ new Billie Walker novel, ‘The Ghosts of Paris‘. After her last showdown in ‘The War Widow’, Billie Walker has made quite the name for herself as a private inquiry agent in Sydney, with a unique clientele as the only woman in the country doing her line of work. One client leads to the next, until one Vera Montgomery comes with a blank cheque to find her missing husband. If Billie can prove he’s dead, she is free to live her own life. Issues don’t always disappear with their times, this intelligent, socially conscious novel sets an intriguing opening as we take to the skies on our way to explore the human stories often swept up in the theatre of war. Solving this one is 2SER’s Sponsorship manager Dom Romeo, and if you want our help promoting your business, Dom tells us you should get in touch with him!
We’re also joined by Tara herself to talk about the all-seeing eye of a noir detective, the way we portray ourselves through fashion, and the heroics in the little things. Thank you to Harper Collins for copies of the book, and arranging our time with Tara.
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