The Ghosts of Paris by Tara Moss – Part Three

We discuss chapters 25-36 of Tara Moss’ new Billie Walker novel, ‘The Ghosts of Paris‘. Now in Paris, ready for the requisite showdown with the Nazis on her tail, Billie founds herself under the watchful eye over a resistance faction that has been tracking down war criminals on the run after the Second World War. Just her luck, it turns out, that one of them knows her perhaps a little too well. It’s time to ponder over Dom’s solution as we meet the Ghosts of Paris themselves.
We’re also joined by Lindy Cameron, Craig Sisterson and Vanda Symon to talk about ‘Dark Deeds Down Under‘, a collection of some of the best of Australian and New Zealand mystery fiction, recently released by Clan Destine Press. With two more volumes in this anthology series already on the way, there’s plenty to revel in as our local best get together.
Thank you to Harper Collins for copies of the book.
Check out Part One and Part Two here!

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