The Hunted Becomes The Johnny Hunter

The record is the perfect snapshot of one of Australia’s most exciting new bands, operating at full force. Layered with rich tone, emotional depth and a knack for storytelling that feels years beyond their time together as a group, Early Trauma depicts Johnny Hunter at the peak of their creative strengths, leaving the listener wanting to know what’s coming next. “As young adults our talent was unparalleled in wasting opportunities with blissful ignorance. From those decisions stemmed early trauma. Each song on this EP is in some way an ode to wasted youth. The energy and time spent on unimportant moments, and the realisation that without those moments we would not be who we are today. It’s our way of reverse engineering the painful memories we carry from our past decisions, so we can grow, develop and with time ultimately heal those scars.” Johnny Hunter

Hypnotic vocals weave around post-punk production that has been effortlessly brought together to serve each of the five tracks’ narrative. What sticks out about the songs on the Early Trauma EP is that they each can stand proudly on their own while also being able to connect together as part of a larger story.

Nick Hutt, vocalist of the cabaret leaning alternative rock band came past the 2SER studios on the eve of their Early Trauma EP release to have a chat on The Band Next Door about groups early days, their youthful take on ‘pub rock’ and how they stand out from the crowd.

Johnny Hunter take over the Lansdowne for two shows on the 6th November to celebrate the launch of their debut EP. Get your tickets here!

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