The Importance Of Online Studies During Coronavirus Quarantines

Coronavirus. The one word it seems like the world can’t escape. With Australia on high alert and the Federal Government implementing a range of measures at our borders to keep Australians protected from the virus it seems like our island nation has done well to protect itself and its citizens from a public health emergency.

However, the virus has also had a significant economic and social impact as a whopping 180 million Chinese students are unable to return to their international studies due to global quarantines. But in the age of the internet, all is not lost with some educational institutions adapting under pressure to allow quarantined students to complete their studies online. 

The Daily was joined by Dr Carlo Perrotta, Senior Lecturer in Maths Science & Technology at Monash University to discuss how the Coronavirus outbreak may trigger an online learning boom and reduce the lapses in education that international students are currently facing. 

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