How ‘The Juice Media’ Founder Went From History Academic to Viral Youtube Sensation

We all know the truth dies in political election commercials (on both sides of the aisle). It’s perfectly legal to broadcast outright lies. The public relations nonsense that passes for political advertising often misguides the public into believing up is down and wet is dry.

So, what would government ads look like if they were actually based on….facts? Our next guest Giordano Nanni, founder of The Juice Media, has spent the last few years answering that exact question. He’s built an empire creating satirical government videos — aptly titled “Honest Government ads”. The videos have gone viral, racking up millions of views and rocking the political spectrum.

Mick spoke to Giordano about how he built one of Australia’s most successful media channels, and his unusual transition from university history academic to Youtube rap producer.

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