The Middle

Where Australia and China Meet

The Middle is a serious look at Australia and China relations. We look outside the bubble of suspicion and see what common ground exists.


Vodcasts (with Mandarin Subtitles)
Episode 6: A Handshake and a Bow

China is one of Australia's key trading partners in the Asia Pacific. Have we built a partnership or dependence?

Wei Li, from The University of Sydney Business School
She is particularly interested in the transformation of state owned and private enterprises and the role of the state as promoter of international business activity.

Greg McCarthy, BHP Chair of Australian Studies at Peking University in Beijing
His research focuses on transitional change within and between nations, exploring how material, cultural and political forces create instability and how nations, institutions and people adapt to uncertainty.


Episode 5: Everyday Rejection

Why racist attitudes towards the Chinese exist in Australia and how these are countered by celebrations of Australia's multiculturalism.

Andrew Jakubowicz, Professor of Sociology at the University of Technology Sydney
Involved in the research around issues of multiculturalism for almost 50 years.

Jieh-Yung Lo, Writer, Researcher, Policy Advisor & Commentator
Providing a much-needed Chinese-Australian voice in the China debate.


Episode 4: Learning Things the Hard Way

China is the number one import of internationals students in Australia; with over half a million enrolments in Australian schools. How can schools and local students adjust to receive this huge influx of Chinese nationals?

Yi Zhang, Postdoctoral Research Associate at the University of Technology Sydney
Has been in Australia for four and a half years and is now researching how IT can be used to solve issues in science policy and entrepreneurship.

Liangyu Sun, Second year student studying International and Global Studies at the University of Sydney
Chose to major in Sociology due to her interest in social issues in China.

Joni Wang, Fourth year student studying Construction Management at RMIT University
Volunteers to help new Chinese international students settle into life in Australia.


Episode 3: The Rule of Three

Trump's America has declared (trade) war on China. Which side will Australia fight for?

Jingdong Yuan, Associate Professor at the Centre for International Security Studies at the University of Sydney
Has a keen interest in regional security and power relations between nations.

John Keane, Professor of Politics at the University of Sydney
Is completing book-length projects on the future of democracy in China and the rise of despotism in the Eurasian region.


Episode 2: Politics and Publicity Tricks

A look into the Australia's political attitudes towards China and how policies have shaped Australia's perceptions of the Middle Kingdom.

David Brophy, Professor at the University of Sydney
Studies the social and political history of China’s northwest, particularly the Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region, and its connections with the Islamic and Russian/Soviet worlds.

Jason Li, Chairman of Vantage Asia Holdings
Ran as a Unity Party candidate in a response to Pauline Hanson's One Nation party in 1997.


Episode 1: The Story of (A)Us

An introduction into The Middle, plus an exploration into the history of Sino-Australian relations and Chinese migration in Australia over the last 200 years.

Steven FitzGerald, First Australian Ambassador to China
Predicted the rise of China as a major power in the 1970s to the Whitlam government.

Daphne Lowe Kelley, Community Leader and Former President of Chinese Heritage Association
Has been very active in the Chinese community in Sydney and played a leadership role in many Chinese Australian organisations, including being the Vice President of Australasian Art and Stageworks.