The Positive Effects Of Microdosing LSD: All In The Mind?

Microdosing using psychedelic drugs has become more and more popular. It involves people taking a tiny amount of LSD one or more days a week as a part of their routine- not for a psychedelic high, but to make them more focused, creative, and productive, with some people claiming it is able to lift the fog of depression. The amount of people who are microdosing on LSD is currently unknown and there is only anecdotal evidence of the effect and downsides of doing so. The Beckley Foundation, whose purpose is to drive evidence-based drug policy reform, wanted to know more about the effects of microdosing LSD and so is funding the Imperial College London to launch the first ever placebo-controlled trial which began on the 3rd of September. Dr Stephen Bright, Senior Research Fellow at the National Drug Research Institute at Curtin University, joined us on The Daily to discuss this.

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