The Sparkle Of Sunscreen

Just like the Sun’s rays enrich the Earth with it’s warmth and boosts the levels of that ever-so-desired Serotonin, so does the music of Sydney indie four piece Sunscreen.
Maybe it’s something to do with that infectious guitar tone. If you’ve heard the band’s material before you know the one:¬† The pensive twinkle that when combined with vocalist’s Sarah’s voice, creates a charming and breezy take of gilded garage rock, bringing to mind a contemporary version of bands like The Divinyls, Blondie and The Church, while also nestled in snugly amongst their Sydney peers JuliaWhy? and Body Type.

Their new EP Falling In An Elevator marks their second release as a band and sees the outfit cementing their musical prowess while being able to translate the psyche of a romantically confused young person trying to survive in the big city, the EP was written over the course of years, and explores concepts like romantic idealisation, heartache and self-possession with frank, powerful vulnerability.

Just before the tour for their new record kicked off, Sarah swung past the 2SER studios to have a chat on The Band Next Door about working with Simon Berkelmen at Golden Retriever Studios, literally falling in an elevator, and writer’s block.

Falling In An Elevator is out now through Spunk! Records

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