The Weekly Wrap 14th December 2018

On Monday, there were updates released on Jamal Khashoggi’s case. Saudi Arabia has been protecting the subjects and the foreign minister said, “We do not extradite our citizens.” Paris was burning over last weekend during a protest due to President Emmanuel Macron’s decision to¬†oppose the climate change policy. The crisis escalated over the week, but Macron ended up conceding some concessions to the french people.

On Tuesday, British Prime Minister, Teresa May, postponed a critical parliamentary vote. She want to focus on getting addition insurances form the EU to safe guard trade across the Irish boarder.

Then on Wednesday, Teresa had to survive a leadership challenge that she did indeed survive with 200 to 117 votes. Teresa is back in Brussels wrapping up talks with other leaders. Also on this day, reports of a gunman is still at large after the shooting at French Christmas market, Strasbourg. The search zone has expanded to entire eastern France.

On Thursday, at the COAG meeting Gladys Berejiklian was front and center saying words about ‘Scomo’ and losing Malcolm Turball as Prime Minister. It was mentioned that they had a productive meeting and pushing Canadian style migration policy.

And finally, in the US Michael Cohen will serve minimum 36 months in prison after covering up lying to congress in covering up Donald Trumps crimes and Russian interference.

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