The Weekly Wrap – 22nd February 2019

Geoff Field may have been cruising through is week on a ‘business trip’, but that didn’t mean the newsroom was down and out. Thanks to acting director Micaela Savage, Geoff was still able to get in the studio to tell you what’s happened this week.

Through the week, we saw former FOX spokesperson Heather Nauert withdraw her candidacy as the potential US Ambassador to the United Nations. Many festival organisers met with the State Government over the new restrictions on festivals in New South Wales, culminating in a large rally in Hyde Park on Thursday night. We heard the story of a young girl embroiled in international drama due to her involvement with Islamic State. Joe Hockey ended up in hot water over association with Helloworld, a travel company he held significant shares in. For all that and more, listen in to the Weekly Wrap

Image CC BY SA 2.0Global Panorama

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