The Weekly Wrap – 22nd March 2019

With the NSW Election Looming, Geoff is in to make sure you’re informed going in to the weekend.

Whilst there was a lot that happened during the week, we think it’s important to focus on two stories; the fallout of the Christchurch massacre, and the NSW Election.

Jacinda Ardern is preparing to make big changes to gun laws in New Zealand, continuing her show of exemplary leadership in the week after the massacre. New Zealand is also preparing to support their Muslim community leading in to Friday’s worship, including two minute’s silence around New Zealand to honour the victims of the terror attack.

In NSW, the final pitches keep churning out as the election draws closer. Both parties seem to be churning out unrealistic promises, that are likely just for show in the final days before polls open. While Gladys Berejiklian started the week looking rough following a turbulent term, she gained back some favour after unfavourable comments from Michael Daley were shared after a Blue Mountains political discussion he participated in. With neither party looking good in this week’s headlines, it’s looking like this might be a close one.

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