Combating Vaccine Hesitancy

After a slow start, Australia is surging ahead in vaccine uptake. The number of Australians who are unsure whether they’ll get the jab has plunged from heights in May of 29% down to around 9%. As NSW and Victoria get closer to restarting their economies, vaccine saturation is going to be critical to reaching herd immunity whilst limiting the number of people who will get a serious infection. So how do we identify and break through those final barriers of vaccine hesitancy to keep people safe while reopening Australia? Is FOMO going to be enough to convince free riders to get off the sidelines and get vaxxed?

This episode, Toby Hemmings spoke with:

  • Leonora Risse, economist and senior lecturer at RMIT University
  • Ofer Mintz, associate head of the marketing department at UTS Business School
  • Paul Burke, deputy director of the Centre for Business Intelligence and Data Analytics at UTS Business School

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