Think Sustainability: Toxic Algal Bloom In Aquaculture

Do you remember when the shores of Bondi Beach turned an apocalyptic blood red back in November 2012? Scientists identified the unusual occurrence as a toxic algal bloom, and the beach was closed to swimmers for 24 hours.

Think: Sustainability producer Jake Morcom has taken a closer look at the issue of algal blooms in aquaculture. In parts of southeast Australia, aquaculture farmers are battling against algae, which can get into water supplies and contaminate the farmed sea life, threatening the health of consumers.

UTS associate professor, Shauna Murray, and her research team are trying to identifying better techniques to monitor when and where algae blooms may occur. As although not all algae blooms are harmful, they are all still hard to predict and are rapidly changing thanks to climate change affecting acidity levels and sea temperatures.

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