This One Wild And Precious Life

Sarah Wilson rose to fame with her I Quit Sugar program. What set out as a personal experiment to quit sugar, turned into a multimillion dollar business. Next she tackled her crippling anxiety. A condition on the increase in modern life and at times, widely misunderstood. The result was the New York Times best selling book, First we make the beast beautiful. One of the most eloquent, insightful and raw explorations on anxiety ever written . 

Now in 2020 with a global pandemic, the climate emergency, and widespread economic uncertainty, to say we all need a mud map for a brighter future is an understatement. 

Sarah Wilson has done it. Her new book, This One Wild And Precious Life, launched in August and not a moment too soon. Part memoir, part travel log, part call to action, I liken the book to as if Sarah is standing at the end of a long dark tunnel, waving a flashlight at us.  

Sarah Wilson joined Willy Russo for the Thursday Daily. 


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