Thomas Keneally’s A Dutiful Daughter in the Aussie Classics Book Club

A Dutiful Daughter, from Thomas Keneally is the feature of our April Australian Classics Book Club.

Australian Classics Book Club

The Australian Classics Book Club is a monthly exploration of Australian writing; who we are, or perhaps aren’t, and what makes us tick. Each episode features a panel of authors, editors, publishers and critics. It’s a great way to look back and discover great Australian Writing.

Thomas Keneally’s A Dutiful Daughter

A true national treasure; Thomas Keneally is the prolific author of more than fifty books. Perhaps best known for his Booker Prize winning novel Schindler’s Ark, which was made into the Oscar winning film Schindler’s List. Keneally is also a multiple winner of the Miles Franklin Award and has a career spanning more than fifty years.

A Dutiful Daughter opens on Barbara Glover awaiting her brother Damien’s tardy return to the family farm. Damien has been away at university while Barabara remains on the farm caring for her invalided parents. The malady that confines the Glovers is not your typical malaise and Barbara has had to perform a type of bureaucratic subterfuge to ensure that no one investigates the farm.

In many ways Barbara’s parents blame her for their condition. Blame Barbara has taken on, feeling a responsibility ever since the night they turned into half human, half bovine centaurs.

Today’s Book Club features David Winter, senior editor at Text Publishing and Geordie Williamson, author of the Burning Library and The Australian’s chief literary critic in conversation with Andrew Pople.

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