Tim Ritchie joins When The Levee Breaks!

We are proud to announce that Tim Ritchie has joined the When The Levee Breaks team! Wide Open Air Exchange host Christine Gallagher took this opportunity to interview Tim about his past experiences as a broadcaster, and talk about what he wants to bring to the crate digging 2SER music show.

Wide Open Air Exchange presents this in-depth conversation in two parts.

In the first part Tim Ritchie gives us a preview of the kinds of music he will be selecting to share with the When The Levee Breaks listeners, ¬†we also hear about Tim’s early interests in radio and records. Check out part one here.

And here Tim’s thoughts on the meaning of life and how being an introvert made him suited to vocations in radio and as a club DJ in the second part here.

You can hear Tim’s first episode of When The Levee Breaks here.

Tuesday 26th of April, 2022

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