Time to Meet Your God: Ariel Pink

We’ve got a great week of music ahead, ‘SERvin up the best new local and international albums:
Ariel Pink – Dedicated to Bobby Jameson (Feature Album)
Cody Munroe Moore – Perfume Nightmare
Msafiri Zawose – Uhamiaji
Wand – Plum
Ducktails – Jersey Devil
Holiday Ghosts – Holiday Ghosts
Various Artists – Swampland Jewels
Moses Sumney – Aromanticism
Hiss Golden Messenger – Hallelujah Anyhow
The Necessaries – Event Horizon
Beast & Flood – Unharm
PLUS singles from Aaron Roche, David Thor, Timber Timbre, Common Holly, Nathan Fake, Bjork, Gussy, Mariam the Believer, NAO, Burial, These New South Whales, and Torres. 
Everyone’s favourite psych-pop charmer Matthew Mondanile aka Ducktails gives a necessary dose of late summer pop vitamins with Jersey Devil, his first new album in two years, written in his mom’s Jersey basement. Under a title evocative of late night X-Files binges and nostalgic boogeymen, Jersey Devil is, as you might expect, conversely a sort of fluffy comfort blanket for tender pop souls; very easy on the ear and blessed with the kind of breezy flow that makes Mondanile’s music so widely appealing. 
Aromanticism is the much talked debut album of LA singer-songwriter Moses Sumney. In spite of the title and ensuing subject matter, this sounds extremely romantic – it sounds as though it could come from another era where classic crooners reigned but it’s also loaded with modern, soulful atmosphere with its glossy production. Best of both worlds, really and just beautiful. The album centres around romance and how it’s socially constructed as well as Sumney’s own ultimate rejection of it. 
Msafiri Zawose is a Tanzanian composer, multi-instrumentalist, and bandleader. He is a pioneer of Gogo-fusion music that takes the traditional folk style of Gogo and weds it to modern rhythms and production styles. His last name is synonymous with the Tanzanian Gogo tradition. His new record Uhamiaji  is a total knock out – expect psychedelic electronic production, polyrhythmic percussion, and hypnotic chanting.
A member of Big White, New Lovers, and co-operator of Dinosaur City Records, Cody Munro Moore is no stranger to the Australian music landscape. Fusing post-punk sensibilities, pop nous and even Chicago house influences throughout its nine tracks, Perfume Nightmare does an admirable job of showcasing Moore’s versatile, intelligent songwriting and panache for earworm hooks.
Daniel Ahern
Acting Music Director
Monday 25th of September, 2017

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