Toby Hay guest selects for Sideways Through Sound

Toby Hay Spotlight Selections 08-01-2020

  1. Toby Hay – The Last Mountain Hare [New Music For The 12 String Guitar]
  2. Seckou Keita – Mikhi Nathan Mu Toma (The Invisible Man) [22 Strings]
  3. Llio Rhydderch – Clychau Clynnog [Enlli]
  4. Martin Hayes – The Boy In The Gap [The Blue Room]
  5. Huun Huur Tu – Chyraa-Khoor (Yellow Pacer) [Ancestor’s Call]
  6. Toby Hay – Morning Song [New Music For The 12 String Guitar]

You can hear Sideways Through Sound every Wednesday from 8pm, on 2SER 107.3

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