“Topsy Turvy” – Blending Art and Healthcare

The last two years will stay with many of us for a long time to come, as COVID-19 changed the way we live on a daily basis. But for those on the frontlines of the pandemic, like our healthcare workers, this impact and experience will be deeply personal. So, how can we make sense of these experiences?

A project from Maridulu Budyari Gumal SPHERE, an academic health science partnership, has done just that, in their digital exhibition, “Topsy Turvy.”

Featuring the work of Dr Barbara Doran, Peter Maple, Annie McKinnon and Dr Anton Pulvirenti, the random image generator Β blends art and music to explore the stories and reflections of healthcare workers, providing the tools for anyone to create their own surreal collage.

2SER Breakfast’s Willy Russo, was joined by Dr Barbara Doran on Monday morning, a lecturer in Creativity and Innovation at the Transdisciplinary School, UTS, an artist and Creative Director of “Topsy Turvy,” for more on this fascinating collaboration between the worlds of art and healthcare.

You can check out or contribute to Topsy Turvy here:



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